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This page was last updated:- 12st October 2016
  - Decals & Colour Schemes included - Photo-Etch detailing set included - Paint Mask included
- Model "Available" - Upgraded Model - Decals not included
- Future Release - Photos of finished model displayed    
- Scheme diagrams displayed in colour (see model's webpage: jpeg format)    
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  1/72nd Scale: Helicopters
Note: - 'Re-Moulded' earlier Models are designated by the prefix 5... in their order number
[CMR72-146] Bristol Sycamore HC.14/ HR.14/ Mk.51/ Mk.52

Bristol Sycamore HC/HR.14 + Mk.51/52
[Search & Rescue Helicopter]
[CMR72-137] Sikorsky R-6 Hoverfly II

Sikorsky R-6 Hoverfly II
[Observation & Liaison Helicopter]
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