1/72nd Scale Glider
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  Discontinued: 2015
G35  Schleicher Ka-4 Rhönlerche II
[Two-Seat Sailplane]
    — Decals, Photo-Etch Detailing Set & Paint Mask Included

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  Colour Schemes Included
  Ka-4 Rhönlerche II - D-4116  — Wasserkuppe, Germany
  Ka-4 Rhönlerche II - D-4302  — Segelflugschule, Wasserkuppe, Germany
  Ka-4 Rhönlerche II - N7894  — S/n:93/58, USA. Year of construction: 1958, complete restoration: 2000
  Ka-4 Rhönlerche II - PH-239  — S/n:157, 'Misch Masch': Leen Le Bruin, ZC Flevo, Soesterberg Gliding Field, Netherlands
  Ka-4 Rhönlerche II - HB-969  — C/n:3031, Switzerland. Year of construction: 1963
  Ka-4 Rhönlerche II - OK-A201  — 'K4', 'Spielwaren Reimann', AK Raná, Czech Republic
  Ka-4 Rhönlerche II - D-6331  — 'XL', 'STIEBEL ELTRON', Germany
  *Please Note: Colour scheme information diagram supplied with the model is only printed in 'Black and White'
Ka-4 Rhönlerche II - D-4302 + D-4116 + N7984 Ka-4 Rhönlerche II - PH-239 + HB-969 Ka-4 Rhönlerche II - OK-A201 + D-6331
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  Items Included
  Complete Airframe
  Glazed Cockpit Canopy
  Photo-Etched Cockpit Detailing Set  - including Instrument Panels and Seat Harness
  Cockpit Canopy Paint Mask
  Assembly and Painting Instructions
  Photographic 'In Detail' Supplement
  Decal Set

  Painted 'Photo-Etch' Detailing Set,

Seat Harness
Instrument Panels, etc.

  Assembly Instructions (Preview)
G35  Schleicher Ka-4 Rhönlerche II

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