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  Discontinued: 2014
CMR-189  de Havilland Venom FB.4
[Single-Seat Jet Fighter-Bomber]
    — Decals, Photo-Etch Detailing Set & Paint Mask Included

Click for: 'Enlarged View' of finished model   Click for: 'Enlarged View' of finished model

Click for: 'Enlarged View' of finished model   Click for: 'Enlarged View' of finished model

Click for: 'Enlarged View' of finished model   Click for: 'Enlarged View' of finished model

  Colour Schemes Included
  de Havilland Venom FB.4 - WR464  — 'A', 266 Squadron, RAF, 1955
  de Havilland Venom FB.4 - WR407  — 'C', 60 Squadron, RAF Tengah, Singapore, late 1950's
  de Havilland Venom FB.4 - WR444  — 249 Sqn., RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, Operation 'Musketeer', Oct. 1956 - Suez Crisis
  de Havilland Venom FB.4 - WR496  — 'N', 60 Squadron Aerobatic Team, RAF Tengah, Singapore, Dec. 1957
  *Please Note: Colour scheme information diagrams supplied with the model are only printed in 'Black and White'
DH Venom FB.4 - WR464 'A' DH Venom FB.4 - WR407 'C' DH Venom FB.4 - WR444 'E' DH Venom FB.4 - WR496 'N'
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  Items Included
  Complete Airframe
  'Air Brakes'  - Can be displayed 'Open' or 'Closed'
  'Main Flaps'  - Can be displayed 'Open' or 'Closed'
  Highly-Detailed Cockpit Interior
  Photo-Etch Detailing Set (1) 'Painted'   - Instrument Panels, Seat Harness, Controls, etc.
  Photo-Etch Detailing Set (2)  - Wheel Hub Faces, Undercarriage and Payload detailing, etc.
  Detailed Martin-Baker Mk.2F Ejector Seat   - Includes: Photo-Etch Harness, Back Cushion, Foot Rest, Firing Handle, etc.
  Highly-Detailed Undercarriage
  Cockpit Canopy  - Can be displayed 'Open' or 'Closed'
  Canopy Paint Mask
  Assembly and Painting Instructions  - includes individual numbered 'Resin' parts diagrams
  Photographic 'In Detail' Supplement
  Comprehensive Decal Set  - including full airframe stenciling based on manufacturer's drawings
  Separate Stencil positioning diagrams
  'Click' here for Preview of: Airframe Stencil Decals

  2-Part Photo-Etch Detailing Set

  Optional Payloads Included
  Mk.8 Rocket Projector Rails
  60lb. S.A.P./H.E. Shell, No.1, Mk.1 Rocket Projectiles
  25lb. A.P. Shot, No.1, Mk.1 Rocket Projectiles
  60lb. Concrete Practice Shell, Rocket Projectiles
  25lb. Shot, Practice (Concrete) Rocket Projectiles
  1,000lb H.E.M.C. 'Freefall' Bombs
  500lb H.E.M.C. 'Freefall' Bombs
  250lb H.E.M.C. 'Freefall' Bombs
  Underwing Long Range Tanks  - Early or later production design (incorporating fins and rear support mounting)

  Assembly Instructions (Preview)
CMR-189  de Havilland Venom FB.4

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