1/72nd Scale Aircraft
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  Discontinued: 2014
CMR-185  Arado Ar 66C
[Two-Seat Trainer/Night Ground Attack Biplane]
   — Decals & Photo-Etch Detailing Set Included

Click for: 'Enlarged View' of finished model   Click for: 'Enlarged View' of finished model

  Colour Schemes Included
  Arado Ar 66C - '36.2', Escuela de Transformaciˇn, La Parra, 1938 - Spanish Nationalists
  Arado Ar 66C - 'D-IZYE', I/KG, Germany, February 1939
  Arado Ar 66C - 'PV+AJ', WNr.505, Sch/FAR 11, Sch÷nwalde, Brandenburg, Germany, October 1940
  Arado Ar 66C - '6A+TN', Gfr. Zanis Tamsons, 1./NSGr.12, Libau, Latvia, February 1944
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  Items Included
  Complete Airframe
  Detailed Cockpit Interior
  Choice of 'Single' and 'Twin-Seat' versions
  Optional Bomb load
  Optional Exhaust Pipes (2 types)
  Wings supplied with separate Ailerons
  Glazed Windscreens
  Painted Photo-Etch Detailing Set  - includes instrument panels and seat harness
  Assembly and Painting Instructions
  Rigging diagram
  Decal Set

  Painted 'Photo-Etch' Detailing Set,

Instrument Panels
Seat Harness

  Assembly Instructions (Preview)
CMR-185  Arado Ar 66C

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