1/72nd Scale Aircraft
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CMR72-217  de Havilland Vampire FB.31
in "RAAF" service
[Single-Seat Jet Fighter-Bomber]
    — Decals, Photo-Etch Detailing Set & Paint Mask Included

Click for: 'Enlarged View' of finished model   Click for: 'Enlarged View' of finished model

Click for: 'Enlarged View' of finished model   Click for: 'Enlarged View' of finished model

  Colour Schemes Included
  de Havilland Vampire FB.31 - A79-215  — No.21 Squadron, RAAF, 1957
  de Havilland Vampire FB.31 - A79-111  — 'Red Devils' Aerobatic Team, No.2 O.T.U., RAAF, Williamtown, N.S.W., circa 1958
  de Havilland Vampire FB.31 - A79-915  — No.21 Squadron, RAAF, Laverton, Victoria, September 1959
  de Havilland Vampire FB.31 - A79-550  — '50', RAAF (Squadron, date & place unknown)
  de Havilland Vampire FB.31 - A79-422  — No.21 Squadron, RAAF, Laverton, Victoria, 1961
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  Items Included
  Complete Airframe
  'Air Brakes'  - Can be displayed 'Open' or 'Closed'
  'Main Flaps'  - Can be displayed 'Open' or 'Closed'
  Highly-Detailed Cockpit Interior
  'Painted' Photo-Etch Detailing Set  - Instrument Panels, Seat Harness, Controls, Wheel Hub Faces, Undercarriage detailing, etc.
  Photo-Etch Detailing Set  - Rocket Fins, Brackets and Fin Assembly Jig
  Detailed Martin-Baker Mk.2F Ejector Seat   - Includes: Photo-Etch Harness, Foot Rest, Firing Handle, etc.
  'Optional' Fixed Pilot's Seat and Harness  - as fitted to early non-ejector seat version
  Highly-Detailed Undercarriage
  Cockpit Canopy  - can be displayed 'Open' or 'Closed'
  'Optional' Radio Compass Fairing  - aircraft examples: with/without fitted
  Canopy Paint Mask
  Assembly and Painting Instructions  - includes individual numbered 'Resin' parts diagrams
  Photographic 'In Detail' Supplement
  2-part Comprehensive Decal Set  - including airframe stencils
  'Click' here for preview of: Airframe Stencil Diagram

  Optional Payloads Included
  100 Imp. Gallon External Wing Tanks
  Mk.8 Rocket Projector Rails
  60lb. S.A.P./H.E. Shell, No.1, Mk.1 Rocket Projectiles
  60lb. Concrete Practice Shell, Rocket Projectiles
  25lb. Shot, Practice (Concrete) Rocket Projectiles
  1,000lb H.E.M.C. 'Freefall' Bombs
  500lb H.E.M.C. 'Freefall' Bombs
  250lb H.E.M.C. 'Freefall' Bombs

  Assembly Instructions (Preview)
CMR72-217  de Havilland Vampire FB.31, in "RAAF" service

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