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CMR72-196  Boeing Model 40C
[Mailplane/Passenger-carrying Biplane]
    — Decals, Photo-Etch Detailing Set & Paint Mask Included

Click for: 'Enlarged View' of finished model   Click for: 'Enlarged View' of finished model

Click for: 'Enlarged View' of finished model   Click for: 'Enlarged View' of finished model

  Colour Schemes Included
  Boeing Model 40C - 5339  — Pacific Air Transport (original scheme), 17th May 1928
  Boeing Model 40C - 5339  — Restored by Addison Pemberton to flying condition, 17th February 2008
  Boeing Model 40C - 5390  — Pacific Air Transport (original scheme), 21st May, 1928
  Boeing Model 40C - C5390  — Pacific Air Transport (later colour scheme), September 1928
  *Please Note: Colour scheme information diagrams supplied with the model are only printed in 'Black and White'
Boeing Model 40C - 5339 Boeing Model 40C - 5339 (restored) Boeing Model 40C - C5390 Boeing Model 40C - 5390
  'Click' images above for 'Full Colour' (jpg) version:

  Items Included
  Complete Airframe
  Highly-detailed Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Wasp Radial Engine
  Highly-detailed Cockpit Interior  - Includes painted 'Photo-Etch' Instrument Panels, Seat Harness, etc.
  Passenger Cabin Interior Seating, plus glazed cabin windows
  Passenger Cabin Doors  - Can be displayed 'Open' or 'Closed'
  Optional? Undercarriage (2 types)  - For 'Original' and 'Restored' versions
  Rigging guide information
  Assembly and Painting Instructions
  2-Part Photo-Etch Detailing set  - see below
  Paint Mask  - For Tailplane and Tail Fin
  8-page Photographic 'In Detail' Supplement
  6-page Photographic 'Boeing 40C in Action' Supplement  - including background history of '5339'
  Decal Set

  2-Part 'Photo-Etch'
Detailing Set, Includes:

Instrument Panels
Seat Harness
Throttle Controls
Rudder Pedals
Aileron Horns
Wing Tank Fuel Caps, etc.

  Assembly Instructions (Preview)
CMR72-196  Boeing Model 40C
  Model Review by:
Tim Hatton: Associate Editor
CMR72-196   Model Review by:
Mark Davies: Hyperscale

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