1/72nd Scale Aircraft
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CMR72-157  Ikarus IK-2
in "Royal Yugoslav Air Force" service, 1935-41
[Single-Seat Fighter Aircraft]
   — Decals & Photo-Etch Detailing Set Included

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  Colour Schemes Included
  Ikarus IK-2  — Second Prototype, October 1936
  Ikarus IK-2  — First series production airframe (wheel spats removed), during evaluation flights, late-1938
  Ikarus IK-2  — First series production airframe, with main gear wheel spats, at Belgrade inter, June 1938
  Ikarus IK-2 - 2111  — '3', 6th Fighter Regiment, *VVKJ (RYAF), Belgrade-Zemun Air Base, September 1939
  Ikarus IK-2 - 2112  — '4', 6th Fighter Regiment, *VVKJ (RYAF), Belgrade-Zemun Air Base, September 1939
  Ikarus IK-2 - 2104  — 4th Fighter Regiment, *VVKJ (RYAF), Zagreb-Borongaj, 1940
  Ikarus IK-2 - 2103  — 4th Fighter Regiment, *VVKJ (RYAF), at Ikarus Zemun factory, 1940
  Ikarus IK-2 - 2111  — Ex-*VVKJ (RYAF), Croatian Air Force '2903', captured at Bosanski Aleksandrovac airfield
  Ikarus IK-2 - 2903  — Croatian Air Force, Rajlovac-Sarajevo, 1942
  Ikarus IK-2 - 2901  — 5. Izvidnicko Jato (Recce. Squadron), Croatian Air Force, Rajlovac-Sarajevo, 1941-1942
  Ikarus IK-2 - 2902  — Croatian Air Force, captured at Ikarus Zemun factory
  Ikarus IK-2 - 2904  — Ex-'2113', * VVKJ (RYAF), captured at Ikarus Zemun factory
  Ikarus IK-2 - 2904  — Croatian Air Force, Rajlovac-Sarajevo, 1942
  * VVKJ (RYAF)  — Vazduhoplovstvo Vojske Kraljevine Jugoslavije (Royal Yugoslav Air Force)
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  Items Included
  Complete Airframe
  Glazed Cockpit Canopy
  Detailed Cockpit Interior
  Main Wing (2 types)  - Production version + 2nd Prototype version
  Optional Main Wheels (2 types)  - With/without 'Wheel Spats'
  'Ratier' 3-bladed Propeller (2 types of Spinner)  - Individually moulded propeller blades for greater detail
  'Photo-Etch' Cockpit detail set  - 'Optional' Resin Instrument Panel
  'Photo-Film' Instrument sheet
  1/72nd Scale Plans + Information view
  Assembly and Painting Instructions
  Decal Set

  'Photo-Etch' Detailing Set, Includes:

Seat Harness
Rudder Pedals with straps
Instrument Panel
Plus: Photo-Film Instruments (see below)

  Assembly Instructions (Preview)
CMR72-157  Ikarus IK-2, Royal Yugoslav Air Force, 1935-1941
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