1/72nd Scale Helicopter
CMR72-146  Bristol Sycamore HC.14/ HR.14/ Mk.51/ Mk.52

Bristol Sycamore: Scale Comparison  —  CMR72-146 and Glencoe/Lincoln International models
  The image above shows a scale comparison between:
  (a) CMR72-146 Bristol Sycamore HC.14/ HR.14/ Mk.51/ Mk.52 (top)
  (b) Glencoe plastic injection-moulded Bristol Sycamore kit.

  Our CMR72-146 model has been built to 1/72nd scale using:
  Air Publication A.P.4361 G, Volume 1 including Leading Particulars and General Arrangement diagrams:
  A.L.54, June 1960.

  The 'Glencoe' model is a direct copy of the kit originally manufactured by Lincoln International of Hong Kong.
  Close examination of this model's dimensions against those of the Type 171 Sycamore Helicopter Notes SEB 183
  dated 1958, issued by the Sales Engineers of Bristol Aircraft Limited, show that this model is in fact approximately
  1/65th scale - not 1/72nd as often advertised.

  For more information please see Carmel J. Attard's review of the Glencoe/Lincoln International model:

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