Precision 1/72nd Scale Resin Mouldings
 Code: Description: Designed for:
REW72003 Bristol Perseus radial engine see aircraft listed below
    Set also includes:
Painting instructions
Full list of aircraft types

Suitable for use with any of the following Aircraft types:
  Blackburn B.24 Skua Mk.I
Blackburn B.25 Roc Mk.I
Blackburn B.26 Botha Mk.I
Bristol 105A Bulldog Mk.IVA
Bristol Type 148
Cunliffe-Owen OA-1 Flying Wing
de Havilland 95 Flamingo
de Havilland 95 Hertfordshire Mk.I
  Gloster Goring
Hawker Hart
Saunders Roe A.33
Short S.30 Empire
Short L.17 Scylla
Vickers 212 Vellox
Vickers 286 Vildebeest Mk.IV
Westland Lysander Mk.II

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